Thursday, April 19, 2012

Akoth-Skae - Locations of Note Part 1

Akoth -Shaln: The largest community on the island, Akoth-Shaln is the hub around which life on Akoth-Skae revolves. Though it is an important trade-center for the surrounding islands, the southern districts of the city are abandoned, crumbling ruins, while some of the inhabited wards are in little better shape.

Along with typical trade goods, Akoth-Shaln deals extensively in slaves. Humans and demi-humans are brought east from Tartorgus, while orcs from the northern Harsh Coast are regularly captured or trader for by baronial-sanctioned slavers. These unfortunate wretches are put up for sale in Harken Square, where purchasers from all over the Shattered Coast (and even far beyond it) come to procure. The most notorious slave-buyers to patronize Akoth-Shaln are the terrible moonbeasts; once a season they descend from the sky in their void-vessels and buy slaves in large quantities, preferring human chattel above all others.

Akoth-Shaln is ruled by a hereditary baron, who is aided by a hand-picked coterie of nobles. The current ruler is Baroness Azulia Shaln, a beautiful young woman who is very clever and completely ruthless. Rumor has it she poisoned her parents when she learned of their plans to marry her to a noble thirty years her senior. Baroness Azulia rules Akoth-Shaln with an iron hand, backed by her formidable arcane knowledge, carefully chosen allies, and her trolghern – a breed of artificially spawned beastmen completely loyal to the family of Shaln.

Tartorgus: The largest town on Akoth-Skae's western coast, Tartorgus is home to the Brotherhood of the Red Hand, a bloodthirsty alliance of pirates led by the notorious Red Jenny Boney. The Red Hand ranges all throughout the waters of the Shattered Coast, preying on merchant traffic and sacking coastal villages. Besides trade cargo and treasure, these pirates also carry off hapless prisoners on a regular basis. A few are held for ransom, but most are sent off to Akoth-Shaln to be sold as slaves. The Red Hand has a treaty with the barons of Akoth-Shaln, in which the pirates refrain from molesting the islands coastal communities or attacking any ship flying a special banner. In exchange, Akoth-Shaln ignores the Red Hand's activities and purchases their stolen booty with no questions asked.

Mistknell: Akoth-Skae's largest port, Mistknell lies to the south on the Cape of Silent Mists. The town owes fealty to Akoth-Shaln and is ruled by an appointed noble known as the Mist Warden.

Croixstone: The largest town on the island's eastern coast, Croixstone is located south of the Cliffs of Caphus. Primarily a fishing community, the town is named after a nearby geological formation – a large outcropping of stone shaped roughly in the form of a cross.

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