Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Denizens of the Shattered Coast: Archer Bush

Archer Bush

Carnivorous Mobile Plant Life

No Encountered: 1-8

Size: Small

HD: 1d8

AC: 13

Attack: 1 Thorn Spray (1-4)

Special: Darkvision 60 Ft

Saves: P

Int: None

Alignment: Neutral

Type: Plant

Treasure: Nil

XP: 5+1

Archer bushes look like stunted, sickly looking trees standing a little less than two feet tall, growing dark-brown leaves and sprouting several whip-thin thorny branches. Due to its mobile nature, the archer bush can not efficiently draw nutrients from the soil, and must supplement their diet with meat, bringing down prey by flinging volleys of sharp, inch-long thorns. It typically feeds on small birds, monkeys and smaller mammals, but has been known to attack unwary travelers and adventurers as well.

Combat: Hungry archer bushes will attack any creature coming within twenty feet of it. Their thorn sprays have a range increment of twenty feet. Once one kills a target, it crawls over to its victim and devours it with a thorn-filled maw. An archer bush can throw six sprays of thorns a day.

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