Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Denizens of the Shattered Coast - Zoanthrope


The Beast That Wears the Shape of Man

No. Encountered: 2-12, 10-40

Size: Medium

HD: 1d10

Move: 30 Ft

AC: 11

Attacks: 1 Great Club (2d4) or 1 Javelin (1d4) or 1 Thrown Rock (1d3)

Special: Immune to Fear Effects, +2 To Saves vs Disease, Poison, Fire and Cold

Saves: P

Int: Inferior

Type: Humanoid

Treasure: 10% Chance For 1

XP: 9+1

Zoanthropes are humans with intellects little greater than those of beasts. While smart enough to use crude weapons and very simple tools, they do not know how to chip stone nor kindle fire, and do not understand the concept of clothing. Zoanthropes tend to be tall and raw-boned, their skin darkened and burnt by constant exposure to the sun, and are thin almost to the point of emaciation. Zoanthropes are instinctively hostile to normal men and demi-humans, considering them their natural prey.

Zoanthropes are rarely found alone, preferring to congregate in small bands. For every seven zoanthropes encountered, there will be one superior type, having 2d10 Hit Dice, 12 AC, and enjoying 1 +1 bonus to damage rolls. A band of at least thirty are led by an alpha zoanthrope of 3d10 Hit Dice, 13 AC, and adding +3 to damage.

Combat: Zoanthropes are fearless in combat, ferociously throwing stones or crude javelins before rushing in to brain their opponents with two-handed clubs. While not suicidal (they will flee if losing a combat or are obviously outmatched), they are immune to all fear effects, whether magical or other, such as a barbarian's Intimidate ability.

Zoanthropes are also physically hardy; they add +2 to all saves against disease, poison, nausea, heat, fire and cold.

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