Sunday, April 15, 2012

What Is The Shattered Coast?

The Shattered Coast is the name given to the east coast of the continent of Almerion. Some thousand years ago, eastern Almerion suffered a great cataclysm, the origin of which is still being debated by scholars and historians. This geological upheaval sundered a great portion of the continent from the mainland, forming a vast archipelago. The islands of the Shattered Coast range in size from mere spurs of rock barely breaking the surface of the ocean to a handful of great islands measuring a few hundred miles in diameter. Many of the islands are inhabited by creatures both malevolent and benign – humans, elves, goblinkind, orcs, and even stranger beings have all founded civilizations of varying sophistication in the archipelago. Many ruins and dungeons also can be found on the islands. Some of these are pre-cataclysmic, while others are the remnants of failed post-Shattering cultures. Finally, the Almerion Coast proper is home to many city-states and holdings, the most prominent of which are the human-dominated Sardonyx and the dwarven theocracy of Godforge.

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