Monday, April 16, 2012

Who Am I and What Is This Blog About?

As it says over on the right of the screen, my name is Jeremy Harper, and I've been interested in role-playing games and fantastic literature for most of my life. As I suspect is the case for many science fiction and fantasy fans of my age, I was introduced to genre fiction through Dungeons & Dragons, and I've remained a fan of RPGs and genre fiction ever since.

Tales of the Shattered Coast is both a creative exercise and a way to give back to the hobby that has entertained me for decades, in however small of a fashion. Over the course of the coming days, I plan to publish as blog posts materials that a gamemaster can use for his or her campaign. These materials will, for the most part, consist of locales and site-based adventures, along with NPCs, updated or new monsters, and the occasion miscellaneous item. Don't expect very many editorials or reviews – I don't really consider myself an insightful commentator. I do like to think I'm a pretty good GM and adventure writer, but whether that belief is justified I'll leave for you to decide.

As the title of this blog indicates, the adventures to be published here are set in The Shattered Coast, a fantasy setting influenced in part by The Dying Earth, The Book of the New Sun, and Nifft The Lean, along with a plethora of other fantasies, weird fiction, and gaming settings I've read over the years. While I hope the Shattered Coast has its own unique feel, the adventures and write-ups posted here should be universal enough to be inserted into a fantasy campaign with only a little effort on a GM's part. For a system and statistics I'll be using Castles & Crusades, the game my friends and I now use for Dungeons & Dragons-style role-playing. C&C is a system I enjoy a great deal, and it is sufficiently similar to pre-4th edition D&D and its various retro-clones that conversions to your game of choice should be simple.

My next post will be an overview of Akoth-Skae, one of the largest islands of the Shattered Coast – a haven for pirates, slavers and strange constructs and home to some particular ruins and shrines.

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